Interim Management

BLF Management is excellent at transition management. As part of the association/non-profit management industry it is absolutely critical to be able to effectively assess and transition clients towards success. We do it quite well and pride ourselves on our ability to transition organizations so that they can be positioned for future goal attainment. 


So contracting with BLF management for interim/transition management is often critical to take advantage of the transition period in the absence of staff leadership for your organization. Contracting with us allows the board to assess the working environment, continue running the organization with effective and efficient daily operations, and time to select the next “right” staff leader.


In addition, by providing a day-to-day managerial leader while the search is proceeding, BLF management can handle critical, sometimes time-sensitive issues and projects with professionalism and experience. This continued implementation and administration will pave the way for the new staff leader to begin build the organization’s future rather than backtracking on old issues.


BLF Management brings objectivity and, as an experienced executive, a fresh perspective and new ideas to the organization. Being comfortable multitasking in a fast-paced, competitive, ever-changing, entrepreneurial workplace,  
BLF Management will be able to balance a sometimes-hectic workload and understand deadlines and priorities during this critical period.


BLF Management can -

  • Help bring closure for the staff and board to the prior relationship while preparing for and creating a bond with the new leadership.

  • Assess needs of organization.

  • Keep the organization running well.

  • Guide and implement current projects.

  • Be available to assist with the search and interview process for the new staff leader.

  • Assist with audit of processes and financials.

  • Provide a new perspective to help determine the future path of the organization.

  • Be able to provide back up staff support for effective implementation of projects if needed.

  • Provide a summary report of tenure and provide a debriefing meeting.

  • And more….


BLF Management is prepared to help you fill the interim position on a short notice. With the fee for these services derived from funds previously allocated for the executive’s salary, this is an affordable necessary step.


Contact BLF Management if you are interested in working with us today! We can be reached at (866) 298-3576 or


PO Box 2584 

Columbus, OH 43216 


T: 866-298-3576