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"I agree with the sentiments that this was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable conferences attended in recent years. Even with the high attendance, there remained that intimate feel with plenty of time to network and opportunity to talk with a great number of the attendees. Thanks for the hard work, not only on the conference but also for assisting in keeping ACUIA a growing and viable organization. " — John Gallagher, ACUIA Past Chair 

"Since (BLF), I have seen marked improvement on the quality and professional management of the conferences. You and your staff have done a remarkable job!" — Bob Montgomery, Montgomery Partners 

Brad Feldman, and his company, BLF Management Ltd, are the benchmark of excellence in the event planning industry. After having countless sponsoring organizations work with me on close to a hundred events, no one has ever come close to BLF's excellence in all of its executive functions. — Janet Pipal, PhD, Advanced Behavioral Solutions

"Many thanks to all of you for your assistance in organizing the gala. The hotel was perfect for us! Too often we forget to say thank you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated." — Joanne Sheehan, TAANA Past President 

"This was my second conference that I have attended. The staff had their ducks in a row. It was a fun, socially enjoying, informative, professional conference. This ultimately raises the bar for next year's conference. " — Michael Reisnour 


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Columbus, OH 43216 


T: 866-298-3576