Association Management

BLF Management, Ltd. provides professional member-oriented management services for associations. This philosophy is a strong core value in the BLF Management’s foundation. We are the first to recognize the importance of our clients and emphasize personal service in all areas. With BLF Management as your service provider, you have a commitment from everyone to the viability and success of your association. Your objectives and goals become our work plan for implementation.


This list represents the sum total of BLF Management and Brad Feldman’s association experience, past and present.


Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

International Nurses Society on Addictions

Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter, American College of Surgeons

National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors

Ohio Chapter, American College of Surgeons

Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association

Ohio Child Support Directors Association

Ohio Psychological Association

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys


BLF Management possesses strong core values with a commitment towards the success of your association. The company has solid financial backing with a commitment to long-term growth and success. We provide both full service and project specific services.


Services offered include:

  • Membership Management and Recruitment

  • Data-Entry

  • Meeting Planning 

  • Financial Management

  • Publications

  • Website

  • General Administration

  • Interim Services (See Separate Page)

  • Volunteer Management


BLF Management, Ltd. has positioned itself to work with national associations and associations based in a geographic area. With state of the art technology, we can easily manage your entire association or association projects from our office no matter where in the United States members are located.

What Our Clients Have Said


Read what our clients have said about BLF Management:


"As treasurer of NSIPA I work very closely with BLF Management and also with Brad Feldman. In the course of their organization working with us we have improved our budget process and greatly improved our accountability as a board. BLF Management has employees with expertise in areas most volunteer organizations do not i.e. marketing, education, website management and seminar planning and management. BLF Management is a highly professionally staffed organization that adds value to any volunteer organization. It is an honor to work with such an organization." — Gene Bowers Jr., NSIPA Treasurer


"BLF Management has helped bring our organization into the forefront of credit union auditing. Not only do we receive professional management services, but BLF Management has taken a true interest in moving our organization to the next level." — Valerie Weimer, ACUIA Past Chair


"Thank you for making everything go so smoothly. You make it look effortless. TAANA has climbed new heights and you have helped in that process." — Paula Grant, TAANA Past President


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