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Contact BLF Management if you are interested in working with us today! We can be reached at (866) 298-3576 or brad@blfmanagement.com



Founded in 2000 to run mental health seminars throughout the country, BLF Management soon after broadened its scope and became a very successful meeting planning and association/nonprofit management company. 

BLF Management has amassed years of experience working with a number of impressive associations and companies of all sizes. More than just a clientele catalog, this list represents the sum total of BLF Management’s association, non-profit, business, and government experiences, past and present.

BLF Management is a small but dynamic, experienced, networked company that has planned accordingly to provide clients with services well beyond what would normally be available with a company of this size. The result is a company who is small, flexible, forward thinking and client-driven and can offer any service requested with the utmost professionalism and excellence. 

While there maybe similar companies throughout the country who perform this type of work, not all operate in a similar fashion and at the level of professionalism, dedication, commitment and drive that we provide. We are confident we can service your organization well beyond your level of expectations. 


Brad Feldman serves as president of BLF Management and oversees all aspects of the company and client relations. Before starting BLF Management, Ltd., Brad served on the executive management team of a statewide mental health association, executive director of a statewide child advocacy association, and legislative aide for the state legislature. Brad possesses more than 25 years of non-profit, meeting planning, and government experience.  In addition, he holds a master’s degree in public administration from The Ohio State University, with a concentration in strategic and human resource management. He graduated from the four-year association management program conducted by the Institute for Organizational Management. Brad is also a Certified Association Executive (CAE), the highest professional credential in the association industry, earned by less than five percent of all association professionals.

Contact BLF Management if you are interested in working with us today! We can be reached at (866) 298-3576 or brad@blfmanagement.com

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BLF Management, Ltd. provides professional member-oriented management services for associations. This philosophy is a strong core value in the BLF Management’s foundation. We are the first to recognize the importance of our clients and emphasize personal service in all areas. With BLF Management as your service provider, you have a commitment from everyone to the viability and success of your association. Your objectives and goals become our work plan for implementation.


This list represents the sum total of BLF Management association experience, past and present.


Arizona Counselors Association

Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

International Nurses Society on Addictions

8 State Chapters, American College of Surgeons

National Council for Continuing Education & Training

National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors

Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association

Ohio Child Support Directors Association

Ohio Network of Children's Advocacy Centers

Ohio Psychological Association

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

Ohio Self-Insurers Association

Student Secular Alliance

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys


BLF Management possesses strong core values with a commitment towards the success of your association. The company has solid financial backing with a commitment to long-term growth and success. We provide both full service and project specific services.


Services offered include:

  • Membership Management and Recruitment

  • Meeting Planning 

  • Financial Management

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • General Administration

  • Interim Services

  • Volunteer Management


BLF Management, Ltd. has positioned itself to work with national associations and associations based in a geographic area. With state of the art technology, we can easily manage your entire association or association projects from our office no matter where in the United States members are located.

Contact BLF Management if you are interested in working with us today! We can be reached at (866) 298-3576 or brad@blfmanagement.com.



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Brad Feldman, MPA, CAE, IOM

Executive Director


Mandy Aquilina, JD

Managing Director

Business People Applauding


"Brad, we think what you have been doing up to this point meets and exceeds our expectations. Some of the things we see as major accomplishments so far are; getting the database and website up and running properly, managing data and organizing it in a systematic manor,  taking responsibility in doing work necessary for the treasurer position, working with board to perform budgetary reports as necessary, overseeing the drafting and changes of the bylaws, working successfully in negotiating contracts with hotels due to the changes associated with COVID-19, developing and opening conversations with potential volunteers and most important completing the billing and recording for our  membership drive.  You significantly improved communication with our membership. You have worked tirelessly to bring us into to the current century with the use of media tools that we were unaware of. You accomplished so much, even as we dealt with COVID-19, so you are greatly appreciated."


Debbie Lantman

Vice President, Ohio Self Insurers Assocition

September, 2020

"As treasurer of NSIPA I work very closely with BLF Management and also with Brad Feldman. In the course of their organization working with us we have improved our budget process and greatly improved our accountability as a board. BLF Management has employees with expertise in areas most volunteer organizations do not i.e. marketing, education, website management and seminar planning and management. BLF Management is a highly professionally staffed organization that adds value to any volunteer organization. It is an honor to work with such an organization."


Gene Bowers Jr. 

Former Treasurer, National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors

"What we have experienced has been nothing but exceptionalism with BLF Management.  AzCA has experienced many benefits and rewards, all the while permitting the board to focus on external matters and strategies knowing with confidence that the association is being taken care of internally.  A few specific examples of our successes –


  1. Our membership has gone from just 50 members to more than 1100 members in just three years.

  2. Brad worked with the board to introduce institutional and agency memberships, in addition to strengthening individual membership and redefining categories.

  3. Our annual conference went from 30 participants and 1 exhibitor to more than 150 participants and 15 exhibitors each of the last two years. We are also introduced student poster presentations and expanded our awards categories and recognitions. The experience has been noteworthy and created a “buzz”.

  4. The association now offers monthly webinars for our members for free, has expanded our online educational presence, and created a true benefit for members.

  5. Our board has gone from 5 to 13 members, composed of highly qualified counselors from throughout Arizona.

  6. We have revamped our brand and are working to build our LinkedIn presence."


Board of Directors

Arizona Counselors Association

September, 2020


PO Box 2584 | Columbus, OH 43216

28150 N Alma School Rd, #103-503 | Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

Email: brad@blfmanagement.com
Tel:  866-298-3576


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