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BLF Management's partner company, Part Time Works, is a staffing company specializing in part-time professional placement services for businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and associations. We partner with job seekers and organizations to be an efficient and effective link to provide the services needed for part-time, long-term employment. We provide a simple and affordable alternative to full-time staffing, allowing companies to save money and professionals to find meaningful employment.

At Part Time Works, we embody the spirit of “quality over quantity.” We prefer to focus and concentrate our efforts, bringing part-time professionals to each placement. We take the time to get to know our clients well and fully understand their needs; we want you to think of us as a trusted advisor to you in some of the most important decisions that your organization will make. Much more than a generic service provider, Part Time Works is your partner in recruiting part-time professionals and taking your organization to the next level of performance. At Part Time Works, we help businesses, corporations, associations, and nonprofits recruit, retain, and cultivate professionals seeking long-term, part-time positions. Your organization may have a specific short-term recruiting need that is just as critical as finding the right part-time talent for the long-term.

We chose to fill a position through Part Time Works because it is not a temp agency. Part Time Works connects employers to people with higher education and/or professional experience unlike some of the candidates you might find through a typical temp agency that is just looking to place as many people as possible. My roommate in Florida worked for a placement agency like that and she complained all the time about the people she placed not being career oriented or having a drive to be successful on a part-time basis and there was a lot of turnover. I think a lot of times when people think of part time help they do not believe they will get someone with a lot of experience or education and it’s clear Part Time Works is filling that disconnected area between employers and employees. - Joshua M. Frymier, CPA, Winkel, Green, & Van Horn L.L.P., Certified Public Accountants, Clintonville, Ohio


BLF Management is prepared to assist you with your bookkeeping needs. We understand how hard it is to keep a business running; when bookkeeping is a problem– BLF Management is the perfect solution. As a business owner, executive director, or manager you will get a trusted, accounting professional who understands more than just plugging in numbers at a fraction of the cost of hiring either a large staffing firm employee or your own W-2 employee. Plus you'll be able to provide your external CPA with clean, current financial records in order to expedite the tax preparation process. And as an added value, you will have no need to worry about sick days, vacation, or benefits for your accounting position.

We have been working with BLF Management for more than ten years, as Brad voluntarily partners with us as a check and balance for his association/non-profit clients. Therefore, we perform various accounting, tax, and reporting services for BLF Management and its clients. I am always amazed how Brad and the team can turn around organizations that have not received the attention they needed. I have not seen a situation where BLF Management’s involvement hasn’t resulted in an increase in net assets."

Stephen A. Green, CPA, Winkel, Green & Van Horn LLP


BLF Management possesses strong core values with a commitment towards the success of your organization. We provide both full service management and project- specific services at fees that work with your organization’s budget. Brad Feldman and BLF Management have worked with professional membership organizations, but also 501(c)(3) organizations. Brad started his work in the field serving as an aide in the Ohio House of Representatives advocating for the citizens of Ohio and then working with non-profit child advocacy organizations. This relevant experience combined with undergraduate and master’s degrees in public administration allows BLF Management to offer services to all types of non-profit organizations that are seeking professional help with various projects.


BLF Management excels at interim and transition management. It is absolutely critical to effectively assess an organization's needs and guide them towards success during a transitional period. We do it quite well and pride ourselves on our ability to transition organizations so that they can be positioned for future goal attainment.  After handling years of experience managing transitions, providing interim executive director services is such as natural progression for 15 years of service. 

BLF Management can:

  • Help bring closure for the staff and board to the prior relationship while preparing for and creating a bond with your new hire.
  • Assess needs of organization.
  • Keep the organization running effectively.
  • Guide and implement current projects.
  • Assist with audit of processes and financials.
  • Provide a new perspective to help determine the future path of the organization.
  • Be able to provide backup staff support for effective implementation of projects if needed.
  • Provide a summary report of tenure and provide a debriefing meeting.


With 23 years of meeting planning experience, permit us to help!  From hotel sourcing to banquet event orders to planning your special event, we are able to implement your meeting with absolute excellence. Whether your needs are from A to Z, or you just need on-site support we can help. If you are looking for help securing a hotel for your event or meeting, we would be more than happy to help you at no cost to you. 

"Many thanks to all of you for your assistance in organizing the gala. The hotel was perfect for us! Too often we forget to say thank you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated." — Joanne Sheehan, TAANA Past President 

Advanced Behavioral Solutions 
Brad Feldman, and his company, BLF Management Ltd, are the benchmark of excellence in the event planning industry. After having countless sponsoring organizations work with me on close to a hundred events, no one has ever come close to BLF's excellence in all of its executive functions. — Janet Pipal, PhD, Advanced Behavioral Solutions