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Brad and I met in 2000 when he began working with the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors (NSIPA).  At that time I was a board member, and immediately noticed the energy and detailed organization that Brad provided.  Through the years after hiring Brad and BLF Management as NSIPA’s Executive Director, we have flourished as an organization. Brad has been responsible for several new ideas and concepts involving membership, marketing and advertising, member benefits, and website improvements.  NSIPA currently has membership at more than double, of that count, since Brad first came on board.  He has been a very positive force during my three years as serving as NSIPA President. He is extremely detail oriented, well organized, and a consummate professional.  Brad always continues to bring new concepts to the table.  Our board meetings and annual meetings are very well organized, as he handles every single detail. NSIPA has received several compliments on how well our meetings are handled.  I have not been aware of any weaknesses on Brad’s part. It is my pleasure to fully recommend Brad and BLF Management as your Executive Director.

— Mario Fiel, NSIPA Past President

Founded in 2000, BLF Management is a small but dynamic, experienced, and networked association management and meeting planning company that provides clients with services well beyond what would normally be available with a company of this size. The result is a company that is flexible, forward-thinking, and client-driven, and can offer any service requested with the utmost professionalism and excellence. 

BLF Management is a management and consulting firm specializing in the delivery of solutions that increase growth, generate operational efficiencies, and drive cost savings.  Save time by leveraging the proven vendors, processes, and tools established by an executive director and business owner with more than 20 years of experience.  

BLF Management has positioned itself to be a comprehensive solution to non-profit organizations, associations, and small businesses. BLF Management takes this expertise and applies it to assist organizations through staffing assistance, association management, accounting, and meeting planning/hotel sourcing. 

While there may be similar companies throughout the country who perform these types of work, not all operate in a similar fashion and at the level of professionalism, dedication, commitment, and drive that we provide. We are confident we can service your organization well beyond your level of expectations.

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